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Fund for Local Cooperation

The Fund for Local Cooperation is a fund administered by the Embassy of Finland in Pretoria. The fund supports initiatives of local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), science and technology communities, universities and other educational and research institutions, independent media, public corporations and cultural institutions (e.g. museums, libraries and theatres), chambers of commerce and commercial associations, organisations in the area of export and investment promotion, businesses, cooperatives, interest groups of companies and employees, foundations and religious organisations.

Embassy will not be opening a call for concept notes in 2018. Further information regarding funding for 2019 will be communicated at a later stage. 

List of projects funded by the Embassy of Finland in Pretoria through Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) 2017-2019: pdfFLC Projects in South Africa and Lesotho

Background and Objectives

The Finnish development policy and development cooperation pursue a human rights based approach to development. The aim is that everyone, including the poorest people, knows their rights and are able to act for their rights. The priority objectives of the Finnish development policy are:

-Empowerment of women and girls
-Stable and well –functioning societies
-Capacity to generate and manage energy, water and food in a sustainable way, and
-Strengthening of Private sector, job creation and taxation capacity in developing countries.

Any activities or projects should be underpinned by the three cross-cutting objectives: gender equality, reduction of inequality and climate sustainability. Activities are designed on the basis of partner countries’ needs, Finnish know-how and strengths, as well as on the basis of the global division of labour in the development community.

In spite of successful poverty reduction in recent years, inequality has increased both within and between countries. According to the Gini coefficients study (2011) South Africa had the highest inequality rate in the world on some measures. One important goal in Finland's development policy is the eradication of extreme poverty and inequality and the promotion of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development.

The Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) is part of the Finnish development co-operation. It aims at strengthening international stability, security, peace, justice and sustainable development, as well as promoting the rule of law, democracy and human rights. FLC plays a complimentary role to the Finnish co-operation programme in Southern Africa, with the aim of deepening partnerships in the region. Finland pursues development policies and co-operation that yields sustainable results, with a positive long term impact on society.

Since the Finnish bilateral programmes with the Government of South Africa ended in 2012, an increasing emphasis has been put on partnership instruments, on building sustainable relations between institutions, municipalities and other actors in the society. The new global Sustainable Development Goals are an integral part of Finland's development policy and co-operation that in turn are important parts of Finnish foreign policy.

FLC plays a central role in the Finnish development co-operation in South Africa, Botswana, and Lesotho. In South Africa a range of development instruments are used, and synergies between them are encouraged. The Embassy of Finland in Pretoria manages three regional development co-operation programmes in two sectors namely i) science, technology and innovation and ii) sustainable use of energy and natural resources.

Support to the grassroot actors

The FLC Programme provides the Embassy with a way of continuing important support to the grassroot actors both in Finland and Southern Africa. In this way, it provides another level of engagement for the Embassy that complements our partnership instruments and regional co-operation. It also enables the Embassy to operate with focal areas, which are not otherwise covered by the Finnish development co-operation programmes in the region. These focal areas have been derived from debates and discussions with civil society organizations in the country.

FLC projects aim at strengthening the capacity of civil society actors in the region. In addition, support will be provided to institutional and private sector actors through projects with a verifiable impact on development. FLC also serves as a tool to widen the Embassy’s contacts through strategic partners, as well as in public diplomacy. The approach is to establish long term partnerships with a limited number of organizations, instead of supporting once off activities, seminars, and so forth.

Strengthening international stability, security, peace, justice and sustainable development, as well as promoting the rule of law, democracy and human rights FLC plays a complimentary role to the Finnish cooperation programme in Southern Africa, that of deepening partnerships in the country, as well as in the region. Finland purses development policy and cooperation that yields sustainable results, with a positive long term impact on society.

Further Information can be requested from:
FLC coordinator (Ms.) Tsakane Bok, tsakane.bok @

Postal address: 
Embassy of Finland, LCF
PO Box 443, Pretoria 0001
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