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About this site

Webbplatsen är en distributionskanal för information och tjänster som Finlands ambassad och utrikesministeriet tillhandahåller.

How to use the website

Please find the language options and font size and search functions at the top of the page.

The language versions operate on a different user interface. On the right-hand side of individual pages, mention is made if the same content is also available in other languages.

The search function is based on a free-text search. The search provides visitors the option to narrow down the search and words can be truncated using the *-symbol and Boolean connectors, such as AND or OR.

On the right side of individual pages, information is given on the possible foreign language versions of material on the page and links to other pages related to the subject matter. The related links have been divided into three groups: Also on this site, Related topics on other Foreign Service websites, and Related websites.

RSS Feed

All the material on the Current affairs subsection can also be monitored with an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication/Rich Site Summary). Users can subscribe to a newsgroup and receive notifications of updates. This helps avoid constant visits to the website in order to be notified of new and changed content. RSS feeds are marked with an RSS feed icon .

An RSS feed requires a reader which can be downloaded from the Internet for free. Instructions concerning the use of RSS are available, for example, at RSS.

An RSS feed requires a reader which can be downloaded from the Internet for free. Instructions concerning the use of RSS are available, for example, at

Copyright policy

Copyright to the texts, pictures and webcasts published on the website belongs to the Embassy of Finland or other parties mentioned in connection with the published material. For example, the copyright to pictures can belong to others but the Embassy has made an agreement on the use of the photos.

Linking to the texts is free and texts can be quotes as long as the source is mentioned. Other kind of use of the material must be separately agreed upon with the Embassy of Finland.

Linking to individual photos is categorically denied.

Privacy policy

Identifiable personal information of service users is not collected. We do not need users' contact details to other ends than to be able to respond to their feedback.


The Embassy of Finland takes responsibility for the content of this website, which will be kept as up-to-date as possible.

The Embassy does not assume responsibility for the correctness of information of linked pages maintained by other service providers.

Further information

The service is maintained by the Embassy of Finland jointly with the Unit for Web Communication of the Ministry's Department for Public Communication and Culture.

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