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News, 8/24/2017

Finnish documentary builds dialogue, not division

Photo:from “Boiling Point,” produced by Mouka Filmi

In 2015, European countries received record numbers of asylum seekers fleeing Syria, not to mention Afghanistan, Iraq and others. The situation grew to dominate headlines, and Finland was no exception.

This situation formed the background for novelist, journalist and documentary filmmaker Elina Hirvonen’s decision to temporarily abandon her other projects and start a film about the unfolding migrant situation in Finland. Boiling Point even-handedly lets people from all viewpoints have their say. The audience witnesses demonstrations for and against migration and hears from Finnish people with a wide range of perspectives. It also follows several asylum seekers as they navigate life in Finland.

Elina HirvonenDirector Elina Hirvonen visits South Africa in September.  Boiling Point document is screened at the Open Book festivals in Cape Town on 6 September at 17.30, A4 Arts Foundation.
Another option to see the document and hear Elina talk about the film and the topic is in Johannesburg 12 September at 19.00. Elina will be joined by Ms Sharon Ekambaram from the Lawyers for Human Rights. Place is Bioscope Cinema, free entrance. 

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Updated 8/24/2017

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