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News, 12/17/2015

Eco-Fuel Africa wins the title 'EEP Project of the Year 2015' 

The Ugandan based Social Enterprise Eco-Fuel Africa won the title “Project of the Year 2015” at the annual Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF) arranged by the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme of Southern and East Africa (EEP S&EA).

Eco-fuel Africa is a social enterprise that works with the local communities in Uganda to convert locally sourced farm and municipal waste into clean cooking fuel briquettes that averts the use of wood-based fuels that depletes the forest. Up till now Eco-Fuel Africa has created over 5,800 jobs for the people at the base of the pyramid by creating income sources for over 3,000 farmers and over 2,000 micro-retailers.

The business model of Eco-Fuel Africa is simple. Farmers burn their farm waste, like coffee husk, sugarcane waste and corn waste, in basic kilns made out of used oil drums to create a char that can be turned into briquettes. These briquettes are then distributed by a network of micro-retailers that are exclusively single mothers as Sanga initial motivation for the business was to enable kids of single parents to enroll and stay in school.

The strength of the business idea behind Eco-fuel Africa is that it brings an added social value to the local community by keeping the profits among local farmers, briquette producers, retailers and consumers.

Read more on the EEP Africa's 'EEP Project of the Year 2015' website

pdfEEP Press Release 15.12.2015: Eco-Fuel Africa wins the title EEP Project of the Year 2015

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Updated 12/17/2015

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