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News, 2/23/2016

Shrovetide starts a slippery slide towards spring

Photo: Raija Lehtonen/Visit Finland.Laskiainen_VisitFInland_oikeakokoNowadays Finns enjoy Shrovetide on sledges and skis. Many communities and schools organise their own Shrovetide events with outdoor activities and eating outdoorsy food such as open-fire sausages.

When a Finn says, “Liukasta Laskiasta,” he’s telling you to have a “Slippery Sledging Day!” And that’s a good thing, because every Finn wants to have a good slide down a fine snow-covered hill during the festive days of Shrovetide.

Shrovetide comes around six weeks before Easter. In the Catholic and Orthodox Christian tradition, it is celebrated during the three days before Ash Wednesday – which marks the start of Lent, a 40-day fast (eating very light food) before Easter. However, in Finland after the Reformation, fasting was no longer done, but many Shrovetide traditions continued, because people thought that following these customs would have a positive influence on their income.

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Updated 2/23/2016

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