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News, 8/14/2018

Cooperation between Finnish and South African Institutions

Cooperation between the Finnish and the South African Institutions is active. At the moment there are more than 40 ongoing projects, some of them have been active several years. Cooperation is mainly between the universities and concentrates on research, exchange of staff and students, co-authored publications and capacity building. There are also projects which investigate more in detail specific issues like morality of success among the emerging black middle class or a project which tries to engage youth towards traditions of non-violence, equality and social well-being.

Photo: Elina Sirparanta/Business Finland
tytöt senaatintorilla

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland funds a programme called HEI-ICI to strengthen the capacity of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in the global south. This Institutional Cooperation instrument (ICI) aims at improving research and teaching capacity in HEIs in the partner countries participating in the programme. South Africa is participating in the programme, but as one can see from the list attached, there are numerous other independent cooperation initiatives between Finnish and South African HEIs in various sectors.

For more details on projects, please contact the universities or the contact persons mentioned on the list.

pdfCooperating Institutions (July 2018)

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Updated 8/22/2018

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