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Service fees

The prices given in ZAR will change in accordance with the exchange rate of the Rand (below fees with the exchange rate of 14,84) starting from the 1st of August 2017.

Service fees should be paid in advance to embassy's account. Please take proof of payment with you when visiting embassy. Residence permit fees may also be paid via internet when using system.

pdfPayment details

5 year passport, printed in Finland140.002100
Fast delivery passport (printed in Finland, excl. postage)160.002370
Temporary passport, made at the Embassy175.002600
Handwritten emergency passport160.002370
Emergency Travel Document (E.T.D.), Laissez Passer140.002100
Passport for Finnish war veterans60.00900
Identity card (issued starting from 1.1.2017)90.001340
Visa and residence permit
Visa processing fee   60.00    900
Visa for children aged 6-12 years-old35.00520
Residence permit for work520.007700
Residence permit for work e-service450.006680
Residence permit470.007000
Residence permit e-service420.006230
Residence permit for students360.005450
Residence permit for students e-service300.004450
Residence permit for minors250.003700
Residence permit for minors e-service220.003270
Declaration e-service220.003270
Children under the age of 18100.001500
Children under the age of 18 e-service80.001200
War veterans, war childrenno chargeno charge
Verification of citizenship50.00740
Abandonment of citizenship400.006000
Fee for arranging financial assistance in emergencies40.00600
Notary fee / document30.00450
Serving of notice100.001500
Information on address100.001500
Expert services (e.g. interpretation) / hour150.002230
Invoicing fee10.00150

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Updated 9/27/2017

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