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Election arrangements

The Embassy of Finland in Pretoria organizes advance voting for Finnish presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections as well as EU parliamentary elections.

The voting register

The Population Registry Centre prepares a computer-based registry 46 days prior to the elections day. The voting registry includes all the necessary information for voting (such as name, social security number, place of residence and the voting place on the election day), which have been in the Population Information System 51 days prior to the election day.

An announcement card will be mailed to voters in advance.  If for any reason you do not receive this card, you can ask about it, and / or about its data content from any Finnish registry office. You can also vote without the card.

Upcoming elections

Finnish parliamentary elections will take place in April 2019 and European parliamentary elections in May 2019. More information about elections on website

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Updated 11/5/2018

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